Advent Rising (PC) Fan Patch: “Advent Revising”

I am proud to say that I am a new mirror host for the Advent Rising fan patch, created by Duke Setz. With his express permission, I am hosting  his beautiful work, “Advent Revising,” here on my personal website. This is in an effort to support Advent Rising  and provide a reliable download speed without the need for parted files (though I can host those too). For details on each download package, please visit Duke Setz’s home website for Advent Revising.

Soon to come: Parted files and ZIP format for a more user-friendly download experience.

Here are the three patch packages with varying levels of content.


Advent Revising Versions

Full: ~1.5GB | WinRAR | ZIP

Lite: ~700MB | WinRAR | ZIP

Fat-Free: ~360MB | WinRAR | ZIP



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